Zombonian Inhibitor


The Zombonian Inhibiotor is a Zombonian organism responsible for absorbing and deleting unnecessary charges throughout the Zombonian Brain, recycling the energy into new transmissions. The Zombonian Inhibitor possesses a simplistic, shallow conscience, and only desires to maintain a proper balance of energy coursing throughout the Zombonian Brain.


The Zombonian Inhibitor, apart from its impulse panels, is entirely composed of a translucent blue membrane known as an affection sheath. The affection sheath insulates its main body and cushions the shock of foreign signals. Impulses are caught using the six angel panels on the top, which levitate at a close proximity to the main grey impulse panel. This core impulse panel receives the signals captured by the angel panels, and disperses the energy throughout the Zombonian Inhibitor's body. Excess energy is then sent from the core impulse panel, through the axon string anchored in its center. The axon string is composed of multiple affection sheaths, allowing for the transportation of multiple signals and the ability to stretch further down. At the bottom of the axon string is the receptor node. The receptor node bears two yellow dullener panels and a veil crown extending downwards from the reception node like a human neck. The reception node has four axon wires, two per side, curved outward like spider's legs. The axon wires are connected to the reception node with light blue affection sheaths, and are used for grounded locomotion. The Zombonian Inhibitor, however, prefers to use its axon wires for clinging onto surfaces, using the affection sheaths connecting them to insulate electrical shocks.


Zombonian Inhibitors are the most commonly observed organism residing within the Zombonian Brain, with 87.3% of general test subjects noting their presence. Individuals with a history of mental trauma and/or most psychological illnesses tend to notice larger quantities of Zombonian Inhibitors, although this is simply to be regarded as coincidence until further data is collected. Subjects living in a state of delusion or insanity only detect them 3/200 times on average, and report their dullener panels to be green rather than yellow. Upon sight, Zombonian Inhibitors send waves of numbness throughout the observer's head.

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