Zombonian Dewirer


The Zombonian Dewirer is a Zombonian organism specifically created to assure working condition of the multiple routes electrical signals travel throughout the entire Zombonian Brain. Lacking a sufficient conscience, the Zombonian Dewirer seemingly knows nothing more than how to cut, scan, and rewire the electrical routes of the Zombonian Brain to the utmost efficiency.


The Zombonian Dewirer's anatomy is crafted to optimize dexterity and flexibility, resulting in its spindly anatomy. The receptor node juts out in the vague shape of a human head, and stores its impulse panels within a black opening called a signal vent. The circular panels are modified dullener panels, and can levitate outwards to selectively scan and power down decommissioned signals. Under the dullener panels are four incision panels, which cluster together in a window-like shape. The incision panels can break free from this cluster and levitate outwards, in order to cut decommissioned signal branches. Energy is harvested from the severed wire using the Dewirer's two dullener panels, which carry the energy back into the signal vent.

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