The Republic of Yamiiki
Motto: “Together we move”
Anthem: Doki-no-Sakura
Capital: Timnao
Languages: English, Japanese
Ethnic Groups: 70% Japanese, 10% Korean, 10% Chinese, 6% Thai, 4% Other
Religions: 40% Non-Religious, 30% Christian, 25% Saturnist, 5% Other
Demonym: Yamiikin
Prime Minister: Nobu Takashi
Currency: Yen


Yamiiki is a primarily Japanese nation that is very closely allied with (but not a part of) MDK and the IU. It is a Republic lead by Prime Minister Nobu Takashi. The nation is well known for its advanced technology and isolationist policies, limiting international affairs to their closest allies. The island is mostly urbanized with small rural areas in the southwest of the island and is 350 square miles in total.


The Yamiikin Government is run by the Prime Minister and Official Council. The Official Council is made up of the Head of Economic Affairs, the Head of International Affairs, the Head of Scientific Affairs, the Head of Health Affairs and the Head of Civil Affairs (the Head of Civil Affairs is required to cast any votes in accordance to the voting of the public.) The Prime Minister and the Official Board meet once every month in the Kuni Assembly to discuss laws and major decisions. During any vote each member of the Official Council is given 1 vote (except for the Head of Scientific Affairs who is given 2 votes) and the Prime Minister is given 2 votes, being 8 votes in total. For a decision to pass it must receive a 6/8 Yes vote or more. The citizens of Yamiiki live under a pseudo-Capitalist system, with restrictions placed on the size of individual companies and how much land can be owned by a single person. The Yamiikin Government provides healthcare, transportation, housing and education for free with food and clothes provided to impoverished citizens.


Yamiiki has no military and relies on the IU for military protection.

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