Xing 37


The Xing 37 was developed by the 1st New Chinese Weapons Development Branch (1st NCWDB) shortly before the start of the 2nd TMIU War. The weapon was developed per the request of the New Chinese Military for a service shotgun. Production of the weapon began shortly after. The first prototype models lacked the perforated barrel cover of the final design and fired 8 gauge shells. However, testing revealed that the weapon would become excessively hot when slam fired. The weapon’s design was later updated to feature a perforated barrel cover for cooling as well as using more powerful 6 gauge shells. The weapon was adopted shortly after the design was finalized under the name Xing 37 (Manderin for Type 37.)



The Gezan Military purchased 190,000 models from New China shortly after the weapon’s adoption and produced a small number of their own models.


The Cronan Military ordered 40,000 models from New China during the 2nd TMIU War.

TM Resistance

Resistance Expiditionary Forces aquired 270 models from the New Chinese Militia during the 2nd TMIU War.


The Xing 37 first saw action with the New Chinese Militia on Snowstar during the 2nd TMIU War. The weapon was reported to be effective in close quarters, however the weapon’s higher weight compared to other shotguns made it less portable. To remedy this Militia troops often opted to use buckshot or birdshot shells as opposed to heavier slugshot. Some troops also cut down the weapon’s barrel or stock slightly to decrease weight.

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