Whiskey Rifle


The Whiskey Rifle was first designed on a napkin in a bar in the Trumpland capital by Trumpland arms developer Thomas Lanster. The design was finalized by Thomas after the end of the 1st TMIU War. The first Whiskey Rifle was built soon after and was submitted to the Trumpland government. It was adopted as the standard Trumpland rifle just a few days before the 2nd TMIU War. It quickly became the most produced firearm on Trumpland with over 14 million made as of September 2018.


The Wiskey Rifle saw its first deployment in the 2nd TMIU War against IU forces. Trumpland soldiers reported the gun was reliable and easy to use. Although outclassed by other rifles the Whiskey Rifle was well loved for its simplicity and for how easy it was to modify. Because of this many field modded varients of the Whiskey Rifle began to emerge.


Some Trumpland soldiers would modify their Whiskey Rifles, which lead to many variants of the weapon.


This variant features a shortened barrel for ease of use in tight areas while sacrificing the accuracy of a longer barrel.


The Marksman varient has a modified iron sight meant to increase accuracy. Trumpland soldier Berry “Billiards” Wex was known for being able to make this modification perfectly during the 2nd TMIU War.


A Whiskey Rifle Obrez features an almost completely removed barrel. The thick area of the stock is also cut off to leave just the handle. This variant can potentially be held with one hand.
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High Power

This variant has welded or bolted on bipod and is loaded with experimental 12.5mm rounds which are longer and are loaded with more powder. The rounds themselves often have trouble fitting in the gun and only 3 can be loaded. This variant often malfunctions and soldiers have reported the barrel blowing off.

Galmire Gun

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