Walter Pistol


The Walter Pistol was developed by amateur Trumpland gunsmith Walter “Try-Again” Smith in the town of Rescotterville during the 3rd TMIU War. Walter began development of the weapon in response to the occupation of Rescotterville by Gezan troops and was meant for used by anti-IU resistance groups. The weapon was designed to cheap and easy to produce. Walter personally produced the first models in a fallout shelter hidden in his crop field and distributed these models to Confederado troops shortly after. Models of the weapon were developed by other gunsmiths on Trumpland.



The Trumpland Military received 27 models from the Confederados and began producing their own models.

TM Resistance

The Resistance captured 5 models from Confederado troops and began producing their own models.


The CRF recieved 2 models from the TM Resistance and began producing their own models.

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