VK Zyrmat


The VK Zyrmat was developed by Gezan gunsmith Drovnik Enulavitch during the 3rd TMIU War. The weapon was designed with a VK Nyrmav as a base. Compared to the VK Nyrmav the VK Zyrmat uses a slightly smaller magazine, lacks a barrel cover and features a large, fixed knife blade bayonet inspired by the Coutille LA9. The first version of the weapon was developed personally by Drovnik and was submitted to the Gezan Military. Drovnik began work with the 7th Gezan Arms Division to improve the weapon, however not much came of this. Drovnik and the 7th Gezan Arms Division agreed to name the weapon the VK Zyrmat, similar to the naming system of the VK Nyrmav and the weapon was adopted shortly after.



The Noritlian Military purchased 23,000 models shortly after its adoption and began producing their own models.


The VK Zyrmat first saw action with Gezan troops in the 3rd TMIU War during the Battle of Yakanoa on MDK. The fixed bayonet was reported to be very effective at close ranges. However, like the Coutille LA9 that the blade was based on, the distance between the tip of the barrel and the tip of the knife was short enough that the barrel would often become stained with blood. This made cleaning the weapon essential in continual operation and some soldiers even reported small amounts of flesh becoming stuck in the barrel during particularly brutal engagements.

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