True Scotsman’s Gun


The True Scotsman’s Gun was designed and produced by Snowstarian gunsmith Jack O’Leary between the 2nd and 3rd TMIU Wars. The weapon itself was developed as a stunt to test the stability strictly controlled Gezan market. The weapon was named after the No True Scotsman logical fallacy.



The design of the True Scotsman’s Gun was copied by the Gezan Military. 12,000 copies were produced, these Gezan copies were called named Jack’s Gun.


Trumpland acquired 60 Gezan copies of the weapon through the Black Market and began producing their own models.

The Test

The goal of Jack’s test was to create a rare, expensive good that would be desirable to many Gezans, in this case the True Scotsman’s Gun. The hope was that Gezans would begin buying and selling the guns to and from eachother, thus planting the seed for a Capitalist free market. To accomplish this 4 models of the weapon were produced, each with unique and distinct engravings which Jack made to be appealing to Gezans (skulls, stars, etc.) The 4 models were given to 4 different Gezan citizens for free in the middle of Hazhgots during the busiest hours to attract the most attention.

Test Results

Only 3 of the 4 weapons ended up being given out. During the exchange of the 4th gun Jack was apprehended by Gezan soldiers. Jack was sent back to Snowstar and banned from GII indefinitely. The Gezan Government officially seized the 4th gun. After 2 months the other 3 models were recovered by the Gezan Government. It was found that 2 of the models never changed hands and were kept as personal weapons. The 3rd model was donated to a Government Shop by its owner.


List of Unique Models
The True Scotsman’s Gun first saw military action in the hands of Gezan troops as the Jack’s Gun in the 3rd TMIU War during the Battle of Galshaz Port. The weapon’s 8mm rounds made its power underwhelming for a revolver. In addition its chamber could only be partially exposed with a flap on the side. This meant that each spent cartridge has to be extracted induvitually with the gun’s built in extraction rod. However, Gezan troops reported that the weapon was very comfortable to handle, despite not being combat effective.

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