Truces During the 3rd TMIU War

A list of unofficial truces called by frontline troops during the 3rd TMIU War

The Ripline Truce


The Ripline Truce was an unofficial truce between Trumpland and MDK troops on the central-southern MDK frontline on Trumpland (called the Ripline by Trumpland soldiers) which had not moved since November 2nd, 2018. The truce unofficially began on December 19th, 2018 when the last MDK casualty caused by a Trumplander on the Ripline occurred. From that point until the end of the truce no casualties on either side were directly caused by the opposing side. By December 21st soldiers from both sides had gotten used to the lull in the action and began visiting each other’s lines and trading items. On Christmas Day both sides wished each other a Merry Christmas and gifts were exchanged. On New Year’s Eve Trumpland troops put on an improvised fireworks display using modified rifle grenades and both sides ate rations on the field between the 2 lines. The truce did not end until MDK troops were recalled from Trumpland on January 21st.

Notable Events

Dummy Shell

On January 10th Trumpland officials ordered the troops at the Ripline to fire at least 3 rounds at the MDK line from their 66 Bard field gun. The Trumpland troops (who were hellbent on keeping the peace at that point) fired 3 cardboard messenger shells across to the MDK camp, each shell containing letters to the MDK troops as well as some chocolate cake rations originally issued to the Trumpland troops. The only casualty caused by these shells was an MDKer’s bowl of soup, which was knocked over when one of the shells accidentally struck the table he was eating at.


"This kind of thing should not be happening during war, it's a disgrace." - Trumpland Officer Ricklin

"If fighting is not necessary it should be avoided, Ripline is the simplest example of that." - Official statement from MDK Senate

The Days of Armistice Truce


The Days of Armistice Truce was an annual truce between Gezan and Trumpland troops long many parts of the Gezan frontline on Trumpland. The truce began on Christmas Eve, the first day of the Gezan holiday known as the Days of Armistice. Few shots were fired during the truce. On some parts of the frontline Gezan and Trumpland soldiers exchanged small gifts by tossing them to the other line. Gezan soldiers often gave alcohol rations, cigarettes, small winter clothes or keepsakes while Trumpland soldiers gave rations, keepsakes or money. The truce officially ended after Christmas day and artillery barrages were ordered by Gezan officials in multiple sectors to ensure the truce did not continue until New Year's.


"It's a tradition, we honor and respect it no matter what. That being said war is still war, we can be buddy-buddy with each other when it's all over." - Gezan Dictator Lee

"It's nice to not fight around Christmas actually, the Days of Armistice bring out some interesting personalities on the battlefield. Although I do wish this year could have been less restrictive, we didn't even get to talk to the Dixies." - Gezan Infantrat Dragov

"Good to see the Gezans know how to put down their guns once in a while." - Snowstarian Radio Operator Immanuel

The Simmiss Bar Truce


The Simmiss Bar Truce was an unofficial truce between Gezan and Trumpland troops that developed into a universal truce. The truce officially began on November 20th during the initial attack on TM City when 6 Gezan soldiers stormed a Trumpland bar (called Simmiss Bar) using only Gezan made Kolibri pistols. The 2 Trumpland soldiers and 8 Trumpland civilians in the bar laughed and joked with the Gezan troops about their choice of weapon. The Gezan soldiers ordered beers and declared the bar "free of the war." Later a sign was erected at the entrance of Simmiss Bar reading 'War Free Zone! Please leave all weapons with the bartender.' An armored Gezan Sentry and armored Trumpland Sentry were also posted at the door to remind anyone entering of the bar's strict no violence policy. The truce was never officially ended, even after IU troops left Trumpland and if still considered in effect in case another war should start.


"I'm far too too (sic) drunk to care who anyone's fighting for anyhow!" - Gezan Infantrat Boris Karolov

"I think people appreciate having a place to go in all this, y'know?" - Trumpland Bartender Simmiss

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