Trilliff Machine Gun


The Trilliff Machine Gun was designed by Trilliff Tret specifically for use by the Trumpland Military. Trilliff made the weapon to compete with his brother’s MTRT light machine gun. The weapon went through 8 different prototypes before arriving at a conclusive final design. The distinctive and uniquely designed water jacket was only added on the 7th Prototype. The gun never had to compete with the MTRT as the MTRT was scrapped before it could be submitted to the Trumpland Military. Soon after adoption the Trilliff became the most produced heavy machine gun on Trumpland, with over 2 million made as of the 3rd TMIU War.


#1 “Trilliff Gun”

This version lacked a water jacket, had a less bulky reviver, shorter barrel and fired from a top mounted, 36 round banana mag.

#2 - #5

No documentation exists of versions 2 through 5.

#6 “Trilliff Light Machine Gun”

This version was nearly identical to the final version but lacked a water jacket and fed from a side mounted, 20 round strip mag.

#7 “Trilliff Machine Gun”

This version had an added water jacket but still fired from side mounted, 20 round strip mags.

#8 “Trilliff Machine Gun”

The final version pictured in this article.


TM Resistance

The TM Resistance uses captured models.

MDK Resistance

The leader of the MDK Residence, Shiro Okeshi, is well known among the MDK Resistance for having taken a mounted Trilliff Machine Gun off a Trumpland amored truck and then used it as a portable machine gun while still fighting with his Kama.

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