Travnyy Assault Truck


The Travnyy Assault Truck is the primary armored truck of the Gezan Army. The truck is equipped with 3 mounted Oskilard guns (one on each side and one on the rear) as well a mounted artillery piece (usually a 40mm Travnyy Cannon.) The truck is used in various roles, the most common being infantry support, anti-tank and demolition. The truck is most often painted green (usually pickle green, sage green or olive green) with the Gezan seal stamped in faded white on both sides.



The Noritlian Military uses Gezan models.


The CRF owns a small number of Gezan models.


40mm Travnyy

This variant uses the standard 40mm Travnyy Cannon for its mounted arillery.


This variant uses a Stolgaz-75 field gun in place of the standard 40mm cannon.


The Ikknar-AC variant uses an Ikknar Auto-Cannon as mounted artillery and is most effective against infantry and light vehicles.

Travnyy Mortar Truck

This variant uses a 70mm mortar as mounted artillery.


The Vatz-AA variant uses a Vatz Anti-Aircraft gun as mounted artillery.


The Kamikaze variant has no mounted artillery and is instead armed with high-yield explosives. This variant has only been used once in the 3rd TMIU War by the 1st People's Army during the Battle of Hazhgots.

Telecomma ATC 81

This variant is used by the Noritlian Military. It uses a radio communications system in place of mounted artillery.

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