TM Resistance


The Trumpland Resistance is the most prominent rebel group in Trumpland. The TMR began in West Trumpland (particularly in Betmest City) and consists of a variety of races and ethnicities as well as Trumpland turncoats (although African American troops are most common.) Their goal is to overthrow Trump McDonald and his entire regime and enstate a democratic system of government. Their leaders as of October 2018 are Ectis Amera, Bokauna Ol and Greffis O’Riley. The TMR controls 8.9 square miles of West Trumpland.


The TM Resistance uses a variety of weapons from many different sources. Many weapons are captured from Trumpland troops and shipments to be used by Resistance forces. Resistance expeditionary forces are also sent to other islands to acquire weapons (usually through buying them.) Weapons are also occasionally donated to the TMR by sympathetic nations. In addition the TM Resistance has some of its own gun smiths who create firearms for Resistance fighters (see TM Resistance section here.)


The origins of the TMR can be traced back to as early as February 2017. During this time a secret underground union of African American workers on was formed on Trumpland in Betmest City. This unnamed group had grown to 12,000 members by September 2017. This large manpower allowed the group to take informal control of Betmest during the Betmest Riots. Less than a month later the founder of the original group, Ectis Amera, named the group the Trumpland Resistance and declared himself leader. With the full support of the 12,000 members the TMR was able to weed out any remaining support for Trumpland in Betmest. By January 2018 the TM Resistance had full control of Betmest and began pushing outward against Trumpland forces.


The Anchor

The dark blue anchor (sometimes drawn as black) is a prominent symbol of the TMR and is featured on their flag. The anchor represents sturdiness even in times of hardship as well as staying true to one’s cause.


LnF is an abbreviation of the Resistance’s motto, “Liberté et Force.” The phrase is sometimes Anglicized to “Liberty and Force” (even though the motto translates to “Liberty and Strength.”) This Anglicized version is abbreviated as LnF and is often scrawled on walls or items owned by Resistance members.

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