The Tar-Martin (which, despite documentation, is hammer action) was developed by Martin Clevils shortly after the end of the 1st TMIU War. The weapon was designed using a unique action originally developed by Pratz Tar. As the hammer was brought to half cock it would open the weapon’s bolt, ejecting a spent chartridge (if one was in the chamber) and keeping the bolt open at half cock. When brought to full cock the weapon’s bolt would close, loading a new round and being ready to fire. Multiple models were produced before the weapon was submitted to the Trumpland Military. The weapon was adopted shortly before the start of the 2nd TMIU War and soon became standard issue for Trumpland Enforcers with 3.7 million being initially produced for the military and 1.5 being intially produced for the Enforcers.


TM Resistance

The Resistance uses captured models.



This variant features a slightly longer barrel and modified iron sights. This allows for greater accuracy at the cost of portability.


The Patrol variant features a shortened barrel and slightly extended 5 round magazine. This allows for higher mobility at the cost of accuracy.


This variant features an extended magazine, holding 8 rounds total. However, this magazine increases the weapon’s weight and makes it impractical to holster, harming overall mobility. This variant is often used by armored vehicle drivers as it can be stored in a compartment more easily.


The Tar-Martin first saw service with the Trumpland Enforcers on various occasions. The weapon was reported to be very accurate, more so than most hand guns, due to its longer barrel. However, its small ammo capacity and hammer action (making it slower to fire) made it less effective when fighting multiple foes. The weapon soon became a very common sight among Trumpland troops and the Enforcers.

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