The Democratic Republic of Snowstar
Motto: “For a greater society”
Capital: Stargazer
Languages: English, French
Ethnic Groups: 56% American, 34% Canadian, 7% Israeli, 3% Other
Religions: 46% Christian, 34% Jewish, 13% Non-Religious, 7% Other
Demonym: Snowstarian
President: Christian J. Flaherty
Vice President: Cuddles Flaherty
Currency: USD


Snowstar Island is one of the three islands constituting the IU. It is a capitalistic democracy with Christian J. Flaherty as the President, and their domestic cat Cuddles as the Vice President. Snowstar Island is infamous for their dedication to a public market, and for their tendencies to procrastinate updating databases. The island is mostly urbanized and is made up of a mainland island (Westen Snowstar,) a smaller eastern island (Eastern Snowstar) and a long island to the north of the mainland (Northern Snowstar,) being 420 square miles in total.

Role in the IU

Snowstar commonly offers financial aid to other nations in the IU, using the wealth they gain from tourism and commercial products to sustain the economies of their allies. The nation’s focus on environmental protection makes it the leading IU nation in renewable energy, as well as being the leading IU nation in unconventional technology and medicine. Snowstar also assists the other nations of the IU in military conflicts, most commonly supplying medical assistance.


The Snowstarian Government is run primarily by 3 branches of government, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch and Citizens Branch. The Executive Branch is comprised of the President, Vice President as well as 8 advisors to the President (although these advisors are only given votes in the Citizens Branch.) The Judicial Branch is made up of the 10 Supreme Judges of the 10 top courts in the Snowstarian legal system. The Citizens Branch is made up of 100 representatives of the citizens of Snowstar and is required to cast votes in accordance with the votes of the public. At any point the members of any branch may meet to bring up a new law, amendment to a law or a major decision. Any decision made in this way is voted on by each branch of the government and only passes if it receives a 70% yes vote or more in each branch. The citizens of Snowstar live under a Capitalist system, with almost no limitations on the sizes of businesses or any other private service. The Snowstarian Government provides healthcare, transportation and education for free as well as clothes and food to impoverished citizens.



The Snowstarian Army is the smallest in the IU and is made up of 120,000 soldiers. It is mostly made up of infantry and experimental armored vehicles. PhantOMs (spirits inhabiting mechanical suits) make up 34% of the Snowstarian Army, 35% of soldiers in the Snowstarian Army are officially designated medics while 82% of non-medic troops in the Army have the necessary training to be a medic. The Snowstarian Army is known for its use of unconventional weapons and tactics.

Air Force

The Snowstrian Air Force is the smallest of the 3 nations in the IU and consists mostly of experimental aircraft and some helicopters.


The Snowstarian Navy is 2nd largest in the IU and the largest branch of the Snowstarian Military. It consists of frigates, patrol boats, destroyers, submarines, corvettes and some experimental ships.


Snowstarian culture is a unique blend of Irish, American and Canadian culture.


The Snowstarian flag is officially called the —-. Its symbols are as follows.


Snowstar consists mostly of cold grasslands with some plains and a polar desert region in the north east of Eastern Snowstar. The entire island of Northern Snowstar is a wildlife reserve and is home to 53% of Snowstar’s wildlife. The Silvertop Forest makes up all of Northern Snowstar except for the far west and far east coasts and is the largest forest on Snowstar. The highest point on Snowstar is the summit of the Dabbilloni Mountain near the east coast of Northern Snowstar, being 870 feet above sea level. The lowest point on Snowstar is the bottom of the Big-Gosh-Darn Hole (dug by a Snowstarian citizen in his back yard) and is 490 feet below sea level. Snowstar experiences its highest temperatures during mid summer, averaging out at 71 degrees Fahrenheit. The nation experiences its lowest temperatures in early to late winter, averaging out at -6 degrees Fahrenheit.

International Relations


GII, being another nation in the IU, is a close ally and trade partner of Snowstar. Snowstar often funds projects on GII and receives weapons and raw materials from GII. Being part of the IU, GII aids Snowstar in military conflicts. GII is also occasionally visited by Snowstarians as an atypical vacation destination.


Being one of the nations in the IU, MDK is a close ally and trade partner of Snowstar. Snowstar funds some projects on MDK in exchange for foodstuffs and textiles. MDK also aids Snowstar in military conflicts when possible.

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