Sex: Male
Age: 7 years (c. Feb, 2019)
Full Name: Slitchy Gerredu
Nationality: N/A
Status: Alive


Slitchy is a primitive hunter and pirate from a currently undisclosed location in Central America. He is the last remaining member of his species, a centaur-like group of arthropods that serve as a mesh between members of the Reduviidae and the Gerridae. Slitchy works for the Merchunters, motivated solely by the promise of physical loot and goods.


Slitchy is apathetic, selfish, and greedy. His species is instinctually driven towards collecting the corpses of their dried-out prey, much like the assassin bug, which has translated for him into general kleptomania. Slitchy lives under an ecologically-driven mindset where forming relationships with others is perceived as a waste of time, and that priorities must lie in accumulating food and resources for survival. Slitchy has relationships with several members of the IU, but only in the interest of easily accumulating valuable items, such as Snowstarian gold and MDK Sega Saturns. Slitchy is easily distracted by lustrous objects, and has reportedly stayed within the Snowstarian Glass Complex for three hours straight staring at a multicolored stained glass wall.

Acquired goods and history of thievery

Slitchy is infamous for his collection of MDK IDs in the Genbu, now bordering on 50 total ID cards. Alongside that, he has accumulated 3 troy pounds of solid gold, and 219 different types of seashells. He has also gone on record admitting to collecting the bones and villi of fallen IU soldiers for their personal collection, although he managed to avoid legal action as the day of his trial was on the IU's Speak in Pop Song Only Day. Slitchy's most prized possession is his tomahawk, which is constructed of wood, stone, and teeth. It is used for both combat and breaking into the areas Slitchy deems as targets fit for pilfering. Multiple historical sites such as the 20th Century Snowstarian Catacombs and the older ship of Navy Jones's brother have been damaged after Slitchy attempted to loot them for valuables. He has only ever shown signs of regret after selling a sentimental seashell of his for a partially shattered stained glass piece depicting a Gezan war hero.

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