Sex: Male
Age: 37 (c. Jan, 2019)
Full Name: Oliver Daniels Rudage
Nationality: Australian
Status: Alive


Rudage is a cunning Australian and works under Trumpland and as the head of the IU Black Market. He is a low ranking member of the Annaran and channels Zombonian energy through his semi-functional left eye. Through harsh training and self discipline he gained exceptional strength.

Early Life

Rudage was born on September 23rd, 1981 in Cloncurry, Australia to a working family as a only child. Rudage's mother (Sadie Amrast) and father (Daniel Rudage) both worked part time jobs and would often move between jobs in the area (usually due to being fired.) Rudage's family survived on a low income for most of Rudage's life. Rudage began stealing at a young age, first when he started stealing items left unattended by others (often purses or pocketbooks.) When Rudage was 17 he robbed a local bank using a shotgun his father owned and was able to escape with $250,000. He fled to Bowen soon after as well as (his parents being arrested) and lived there working blue collar jobs until he was 26, amassing a group of close friends.

The IU Black Market

In 2007 Rudage, along with a group of 22 of his closest friends, began an illegal trading business (at that point called the Squad of Shady Mates,) trading drugs and weapons in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines, amassing a total of 21,000 members by 2016 who traveled with the Black Market on the 3 ships they owned. By 2016 the Black Market was focused mainly on smuggling weapons. In early 2017 Rudage discovered the nations of the IU and their disputes with Trumpland. In response to this Rudage renamed the group to the IU Black Market and began focusing his efforts to the IU, Trumpland and allied nations. In early 2018 Rudage was hired by Trumpland and began working for them immediately.

Links to the Annaran

During the 2nd TMIU War Rudage lost use of his left eye during a fight with a Snowstarian troop. Rudage, in an act of desperation, sought out members of the Annaran to repair his eye. He was granted entry into the Annaran and taught how to use Annaran mysticism to regain function of his eye. Never the less Rudage donned a dark purple eye patch with the Annaran triangle on it and vowed only to lift the eye patch when using Annaran abilities.

Current Situation

Rudage currently works for Trumpland as the Head of Arms Development and Head of Armored Vehicle Development, though he still keeps command over the IU Black Market and uses it to further Trumpland's goals.


Rudage has few concrete values and often half-heartedly believes the ideals of those around him. The only people he tends to care about are himself and those close to him.


Rudage is a profiteer at heart and does not often consider the repercussions his actions have on others. Despite this he cares deeply for those who appreciate and respect him, though he does not show this often. Rudage tends to be somewhat selfish, often stealing things with minimal weight on his conscious.

Personal Items

Eye Patch

Rudage almost always wears his Annaran styled eye patch.

Mills-62 Army (x2)

Rudage often carries 2 Mills-62 Armys with him, one holster on his left hip, the other on his right. He often shows off by using both as pistols akimbo or by doing various tricks with them (usually twirling and tossing then catching them.)

Pocket Watch

Rudage often carries a brass, Australian-made, hunter-case (opening horizontally) pocket watch with him. A small photo of Rudage's mother is pasted on the inside face of the case and the outside face of the case has the initials ODR scratched into it with a knife. The glass on the face of the clock itself is cracked slightly



Rudage and SL-5 are very close friends and often spend time together outside of work. It it rumored that they are in a romantic relationship.


Rudage despises Larpey, sometimes without reason. He often torments Laprey physically and emotionally simply for his own pleasure.

Buckshot and Dirteater

Rudage is friends with Buckshot and Dirteater but sees them more as good-humored co-workers.


Although Rudage disagrees with MacPheth on some topics he still remains in good spirits with him.

Trump McDonald

Rudage is neuteral toward Trump McDonald, but keeps up good manners in his presence, if not only because his job depends on it.

Personal Quotes

"G'day mates!"

"Oi, now that's nice."

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