Plora Avetto


The Plora Avetto was developed by Amdian gunsmith Marivo Plora after the start of the 3rd TMIU War for use by the Amdian Military. The first design of the weapon created by Marivo was semi-automatic and fired 6 rounds held internally. The weapon’s design was later modified to fire in fully-automatic from a specially designed box magazine. Models of the weapon were developed personally by Marivo shortly after the design was finalized and submitted the models to the Amdian Military for testing. Marivo was paid $79,000 for the design, the weapon was adopted by the Amdian Military shortly after.



The Gezan Military ordered 180,000 models from Amdia shorlty after its adoption.


The Noritlian Military purchased 21,000 models from the Amdian Military and began producing their own models.


The Trumpland Military uses captured models and produced a small number of copies.


The Plora Avetto first saw combat with Amdian troops in the Amdian Landings on Trumpland during the 3rd TMIU War. The weapon was reported to be effective for both assault and medic troops.

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