Operat K50


The Operat K50 was designed and built by the 6th Gezan Arms Devision in 2018. The project was headed by Vasili Korchemov. It was made per the Dictator’s request for a high caliber, self-loading rifle that could withstand extreme conditions. The design needed to achieve this was complex for Gezan firearm standards. Because of this only 2500 were ever made. Of those 2300 were sent to Gezan troops, the rest being made available for civilians.


The weapon was regarded by Gezan troops as the “perfect killing device” and soldiers who were issued the weapon were envied. Since the weapon core fired a 12mm cartridge recoil on the K50 was greater than other Gezan rifles. Soldiers would often report feeling sore in the shoulder after firing through a single magazine.

The T50

Near the end of the 2nd TMIU War a captured Operat K50 fell into the hands of the Trumpland Government. Multiple attempts were made to replicate the weapon but all attempts produced inferior or nonfunctional versions. At the beginning of the 3rd TMIU War Trumpland head of arms development, Rudage, refit the weapon with Trumpland wood and ordered it be issued to a well performing soldier, this slight variant of the gun was named The Operator T50.

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