Omkoko Army


The Omkoko Army was designed and produced in July 2018 by Zuberi Mosi in the Cronan village of Omkakaz. Zuberi built the first model using scrap parts (mostly of Kudukuda rifles) from a metal scrap yard 1 mile from his village. This model (named the Omkoko after his village) was initially built for defending the village as rumors of a Trumpland invasion of Cronas had been spreading. Neighboring villages began ordering their own models of Zuberi’s weapon and a month later the Cronan Military contracted Zuberi for the design of an Army model (which was no different from the original except for the addition of a foresight on the water jacket.) This version was dubbed the Omkoko Army and was adopted by the Cronan Military.


New Chinese Militia

The New Chinese Militia ordered 286,000 models from Cronas shortly after its adoption.

TM Resistance

Resistance expeditionary forces acquired 90,000 models as well as the parts necessary for the Resistance to produce their own models.


The Gezan Military purchased 170,000 models from Cronas.


The Lonne Military produces their own models, though only 128 were ever made.

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