The Socialist Republic of Noritly
Motto: “Long live the revolution”
Anthem: Viva El Socialismo
Capital: Cortva
Languages: English, Spanish
Ethnic Groups: 78% Cuban, 19% Panamanian, 3% Other
Religions: 70% Non-Religious, 15% Christian, 5% Muslim, 10% Other
Demonym: Noritlian
Prime Minister: Fida Garvel
Currency: Noritlian Pesos


Noritly is a Socialist state lead by Prime Minister Fida. The nation is allied with (though not a member of) the IU. Noritlian citizens are known for being loyal and dedicated to the socialist cause. Citizens of Noritly are most often poor and private property is illegal. The Noritlian nation is 510 square miles total.


Prime Minister Fida Garvel

The power of the Noritlian Government rests almost entirely in the hands of the Prime Minister, with the People's Assembly acting as a voice for citizens. The People's Assembly is made up of 25 officials, each representing the votes of 1 of the 25 districts of Noritly (each district being made up of a city and the towns and villages surrounding it.) The Prime Minister and the People's Assembly meet every 2 months in the General Assembly. During the General Assembly officials of the People's Assembly propose laws, legislature and major decisions to the Prime Minister. Each subject is voted on by the entire General Assembly followed by the Prime Minister's approval or veto of the decision (the Prime Minister's decision being final.) Noritlian citizens operate under a Socialist economic system. The government provides healthcare, food, clothes, education and housing for free to each citizen. All citizens (over the age of 16) are given a mandatory job by the government as well as a weekly allowance equal to $10. Private institutions are illegal in Noritly thus government run shops are set up in cities, though small stores run by individuals or families do exist in towns and villages.


Noritlian Army unit division


The Noritlian Army is made up of 976,000 troops and consists mainly of infantry, tanks, armored vehicles and some artillery. Soldiers are divided into specialized roles similar to GII, these being Assault, Support, Medic, Scout, Anti-Tanker, Sentry and Raider units.

Air Force

The Noritlian Airforce is fairly small and consists mainly of fighters, attack plans and some bombers. Noritlian planes use bi and tri-plane configurations made of sheet metal.


The Noritlian Navy is the smallest branch of the Noritlian Military. The Navy is mainly made up of frigates, courvettes and patrol boats.



Most Noritlians wear work clothes somewhat similar to Gezan work clothes. Cuban work caps are also popular, especially among industrial and agricultural workers and typically bare the Noritlian gold star on the front. Some styles of beret are also worn by citizens but more often by soldiers.


A number of towns, villages and even parts of cities in Noritly are considered Hoovervilles, called Pavelles by citizens These areas house citizens who are especially impoverished and are often densely populated, leading to closely knit (though sometimes still hostile) communities. Dwellings in Pavelles tend to be cheap, dirty and sometimes structurally unstable. A number of the dwellings are built in or off of pre-existing, usually abandoned structures, though dwellings are sometimes built by hand out of wood, scrap materials and even house hold objects (the most common being walls made with large paintings.) Despite these draw backs citizens living in Pavelles report levels of happiness similar to (if not slightly above) the global average.


The flag of Noritly is officially called the Scarred Banner. It’s symbols are as follows.
Red: Socialism
Black Bands: Steel beams/Strength/Integrity
Gold Star: The Socialist Revolution


Noritly is mostly made up of temperate wetlands with a fair number of hills interrupted by a number of small ponds and lakes. The majority of Noritly is urbanized, with urban areas being most prominent is northen Noritly and continuing to central Noritly with southern Noritly being more rural and containing 79% of Noritly’s villages. The dense Licalona Jungle covers most of southern Noritly down to the particularly rocky southern coast. The largest lake, Lake Gavra, is one of Noritly’s 4 fresh water lakes and is found in central Noritly. The highest point in Noritly is the summit of Mount Canbran (a mountain in northern Noritly and the only mountain in Noritly,) being 758 feet above sea level. Noritly experiences a rainy season starting April 22nd and lasting until July 8th. Of all the rain that falls on Noritly annually 87% of it falls during the rainy season, with annual rainfall averaging out at 90.7 inches. The highest temperatures occurr in mid summer, averaging out at 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest temperatures occur in mid winter and average out at 53 degrees Fahrenheit.

International Relations


The IU is a major ally and trade partner of Noritly and often assists the IU in military conflicts.


Noritly is a close ally of Cronas and an especially active trading partner. On October 1st of every year Noritly on Cronas participate in an annual Brotherhood Exchange.

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