Nira-Dolnov 04/19


The Nira-Dolnov 04/19 was designed and produced by Nira Kolavitch and Vladimir Dolnov for the CRF. The weapon was designed to be a simple weapon for use by CRF troops. The first version (the Nira-Dolnov 01/19) featured a longer barrel and a standard bolt action as well as a non-extended clip which could only hold 3 rounds. This version was issued in small numbers to CRF troops. The second version (the Nira-Dolnov 02/19) featured the extended clip of the final version but maintained the long barrel and standard bolt. The third version (the Nira-Dolnov 03/19) included the addition of a straight pull bolt. The barrel was finally shortened in the 4th and final version. The gun entered production in the Bullsmith Factory (formerly a Trumpland factory captured by the CRF.)


TM Resistance

During the first meeting between the TMR and the CRF 400,000 models were given to the Resistance in an arms exchange.


Trumpland forces captured 6,000 models from a CRF storage during a raid.


The Gezan Expeditionary Force acquired 650 models during a mission to aid the CRF.


The Nira-Dolnov 04/19 was reported by CRF troops to functional and effective. However, the lack of a bayonet lug lead to some troops welding on a lug or even welding a bayonet to the weapon itself.

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