MP-Mills Experimental


The MP-Mills Experimental was developed during the 2nd TMIU War by Joseph Mills for use by the Trumpland Military. The weapon was originally made with various parts meant for other weapons Joseph planned to develop. This initial design was dubbed the Machine Pistol-Mills Experimental. Although further development was planned the Trumpland Military showed interest in the design and adopted the weapon before any further developments could be made.


TM Resistance

The Resistance uses captured models.


The MP-Mills Experimental first saw action in the Battle of Metsy during the 2nd TMIU War. Although the weapon was effective in assaults it was reported to be ineffective against stronger infantry armor (primarily sentries and some Snowstarian armor.) The gun was also known to jam on occasion, usually due to incomplete extraction. Never the less it still earned the nickname “Coffee Mills” among Trumpland troops for its high fire rate.

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