Mothership Genbu


The Mothership Genbu is a space shuttle built by Yamiiki for MDK. It was built as a safe haven for citizens of the IU in case of attack, but has been expanded to be able to combat forces in space to defend itself.


Long before MDK allied itself with Yamiiki, construction of the Genbu began, with the goal of constructing a safe haven in case the islands of the IU became uninhabitable or soldiers needed a place to stay while they were away. However, due to the lack of funding and resources, it was constantly put hold and deemed a lost cause to finish and was forgotten for several years.

Once Yamiiki became an ally of MDK, the construction of Genbu sped up considerably thanks to Yamiiki's advanced technology

Role in Combat

The Genbu's primary purpose is to house the civilians of MDK (or those allied with MDK) in a safe location, isolated from Earthly conflicts. Despite its far distance from Earth, however, the Genbu remains vulnerable to attacks from Trumpland's Space Force. The Genbu's predominant threat from the Trumpland Space Force is SL-5, due to their aggressive disposition and high agility.

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