Mothership Genbu


The Mothership Genbu is a space shuttle built by Yamiiki for MDK. It was built as a safe haven for citizens of the IU in case of attack, but has been expanded to be able to combat forces in space to defend itself.


Long before MDK allied itself with Yamiiki, construction of the Genbu began, with the goal of constructing a safe haven in case the islands of the IU became uninhabitable or soldiers needed a place to stay while they were away. However, due to the lack of funding and resources, it was constantly put hold and deemed a lost cause to finish and was forgotten for several years.

Once Yamiiki became an ally of MDK, the construction of Genbu sped up considerably thanks to Yamiiki's advanced technology. By the end of 2017, the 2-year long project had finalluy been mostly completed, to the point where it was properly inhabitable by civilians and travelling soldiers of the IU that were registered to be able to get on board.

Role in Combat

The Genbu's primary purpose is to house the civilians of MDK (or those allied with MDK) in a safe location, isolated from Earthly conflicts. Despite its far distance from Earth, however, the Genbu remains vulnerable to attacks from Trumpland's Space Force. The Genbu's predominant threat from the Trumpland Space Force is SL-5, due to their aggressive disposition and high agility.


The Genbu possesses multiple plasma blasters, missiles that lock on to a target that the pilots need to shoot down, and its main engine, when not in use for high-speed flight, can extend as a tail-like turret that can be controlled from within, and fire waves of Waster-Beams, concentrated blasts of waste produced by civilians of Genbu that is capable of atomizing other space fighters. In addition to this, the Genbu houses several Suzaku Fighter ships, Karakuri, and MDK Mecha that are the main source of firepower for the Mothership in most combat situations, due to the priority of defending those on board. The strongest of which is the Kagutsuya Machine, a Karakuri that can be remotely controlled from the Genbu, can fly several light years in an hour, and can be instantaneously recalled to the Genbu in dangerous situations.

Fortunately, thanks to the highly advanced AI managing Genbu's computer, REAPA (Razor Edged Artificial Program Administrator), the Genbu can locate a threat and send forces after it in the quickest, most efficient, and risk-free as possible, serving as an artificial tactitian in order to aid the pilots on board. REAPA is also capable to holding back computor viruses away from the mainframe, and alerts those on board of the digital threat so they can properly destroy it. Most impressively of all, however, REAPA's shielding system uses magic to stop incoming attacks to Genbu. This shield is capable of spreading across the entire surface area of Genbu, but the shield in this state is only capable of keeping asteroids from damaging the ship. However, REAPA is capable of predicting the exact location an incoming attack will land the moment it fires, using the smallest area of shielding as possible to avoid damage. This shielding system, hoewver, is only capable of being active so long as no weaponry is being fired.

REAPA can also take control of Kagutsuya if the situation calls for it. Under REAPA's control, Kagutsuya becomes a ruthless defender of the Genbu.


Fulfilling its role as a safe haven for civilians avoid conflict and soldiers needing a base of operations, the Genbu is housed with living spaces (a total of 10 million people can stay in Genbu at once), a lounge, a cafe, and the capability of being able to go to any location on Earth in a matter of seconds, and back to the Genbu provided that the person has a Genbu ID.

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