Mortra 20/07


The Mortra 20/07 was developed by Arkro Maravo shortly after the start of the 3rd TMIU War in the village of Yaaranue. The first version of the weapon was designed with a straight-pull bolt action. Arkro later recieved help from a number of other villagers in designing and producing a semi automatic variant which became the final design. The weapon was named the Mortra, which meant “killer” in Durukan (the native language of Yaaranue Village.) The design was later bought by the Cronan Military for $95,000 and was produced for military use. The designation “20/07” was added, 20 being that the 20th model produced was the one adopted and used for future copies and 7 being the number of people that contributed to its original development.



The Gezan Military purchased 230,000 models shortly after the weapon’s adoption.


The Noritlian Military recieved 180,000 models in an arms trade with Cronas and began producing their own models.


Lo purchased 6,200 models from Cronas and produced some of their own models.

TM Resistance

The Resistance recieved 4,900 models from GII.


The Mortra 20/07 first saw action in the hands of Cronan troops in the 3rd TMIU War during the Battle of Barr Coast in Northern Snowstar. The weapon was reported to work well in wet conditions of the coast with few malfunctions occurring. The weapon was well liked by Cronan and Gezan soldiers.

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