The MIP-Infantry was designed by Stolhov Kilo during the 2nd TMIU War in response to the Gezan Military’s request for a pistol what could be used in wet and/or muddy conditions. Stolhov designed the weapon with mud especially in mind, giving the name Mud Insulated Pistol. The weapon had a small notch cut into the side of the chamber near a loaded bullet’s front contact point. This would allow a small amount of gas to pass through and travel down the barrel in front of the bullet, which would, in theory, clean the barrel of any mud or other dibris. The weapon was adopted shortly after its design was finalized, the adopted version was dubbed the MIP-Infantry. Stolhov was awarded the Order of Lee for his contribution to the Gezan Military.


New Chinese Militia

The New Chinese Militia received 2400 models as a donation from GII and later purchased 7900 more.


The Lonne Military purchased 6600 models near the end of the 2nd TMIU War and began producing their own models shorty after.

TM Resistance

The Resistance recieved 4000 models from GII shortly after the end of the 2nd TMIU War.

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