Mintao Trench Rifle


The Mintao Trench Rifle was designed by New Chinese Militia fighter Delun Hi. He designed the weapon while recovering from a bayonet wound in the Mintao Field Hospital on MDK during the 2nd TMIU War. He designed the gun to be useable in tight areas where enemy soldiers would likely be using lower caliber pistols or melee weapons. Delun credited the medical staff at the hospital for helping him with his design and named the weapon after the field hospital in their honor. Delun was approached by the New Chinese Military shortly after the 2nd TMIU War asking to put his design into production. He accepted on the condition that 5000 finished models be given to the New Chinese Militia. This request was met.



A number of Mintaos were given to Cronas as thanks for their work in the 2nd TMIU War.

TM Resistance

Resistance envoys bought 2300 models in April, 2018.


The Gezan government bought 1800 models shortly after the 2nd TMIU War and produced some of their own models.


The Mintao Trench Rifle was mainly used as an assault weapon for close quarters attacks (such as tunnels or trench systems.) The gun was reported as effective in tighter areas while also offering decent accuracy in more open areas. However it was said to be useless in open fields for anyone who wasn’t a highly experienced marksman or sniper.

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