Milton Kim
Sex: Male
Age: 18 (c. Feb, 2019)
Full Name: Dong-Ju "Milton" Kim
Nationality: Japanese, Korean
Code Name: Sumeragi (sometimes Yuri)
Status: Alive


Milton Kim is the self-elected Emperor of MDK. He is know for being terrible at writing Wiki entries and for being incompetent in some matters of state but sufficiently competent in others. A compation for the well-being of the MDK people is shown prominently through his style of rule, usually swaying to the will of the many.

An example of the Emperor’s Wiki writing skills

Kim is well known as a Centrist with no opinion, a fact that he proudly announces in song form for all to hear. He is an avid supporter of ChibiStop (which he believes to be the greatest meme, despite what Christian might say) in the Great Meme War. Aidan sucks!!!!

"Dabbing sucks! Why do people still think it's cool? You people are so dumb!" - Milton Kim

Early Background

Originally hailing from Bridgeport, Connecticut, Kim moved to Lexington Massachusetts at a very young age. He met Christian Flaherty, the future President of Snowstar, a few years later, and the two quickly became friends. Several years later, in Middle School, he met the future Dictator of GII, Aidan Lee. Despite his initial skepticism, Lee's friendship with Flaherty resulted in Kim warming up to Lee as well, whether he wanted to or not.

Establishment of MDK

After Flaherty's establishment of Snowstar and Lee's establishment of GII in 2014, Kim found an island full of the descendants of surviving samurai from various clans. Kim quickly established himself as Emperor of the Island, which he dubbed "MDK". Because of the protest of the inhabitants, Kim vowed to allow them ample power in the government. With that, the Empire of MDK was born.

…however, due to Kim's severe lack of interest and competence in conquest, the empire quickly fell, resulting in only one nation being part of it. Yamiiki, a nation that the Emperor neglected to annexx despite constant pleas to do so by MDK and Yamiikese citizens alike.

With the fall of the empire, Lee offered an idea of new form of government for MDK: a Imperial Republic. Kim liked the idea, and immediately contacted the 9 heads of the families who lived on the Island, and they were established as the Yamato Council. This new form of government, in addition to the aid from Yamiiki, resulted in life on MDK being quite comfortable for many citizens.

KMDK Deportation Controversy

During late 2015, the Yamato Council notified Kim of the odd disappearances of many citizens of MDK. The citizens would never be seen throughout MDK, and when approaching their homes, the doors would remain locked and they would not answer. When Kim gave them a warrant to enter their homes, the Yamato Council members questioned these citizens. Many simply responded the following:

"I don't need anything else in my life. Just my waifu! She gave me meaning in my life! Thank you, Maiko-senpai! Thank you, Ukato-senpai!" - Former MDK Citizen

After hearing this, Kim tracked down Maiko Basara and Ukato Minamoto. When brought in for questioning, they answered that they were giving people more to life than following a meaningless code of honor, and that they were bringing joy to those who were falling into a state of depression and hopelessness. When Kim objected to this, saying that they were doing nothing more than profiting off of people's misery and trapping them in a cult-like mentality, they adamantly refused to stop their activity. Kim retorted back by simply deported them both off of MDK.

Many citizens were outraged at this. They claimed he was doing nothing better than censoring citizens and preventing certain genres of media from the public. Several of these citizens, carrying odd memorabilia, left the Island in protest. The Yamato Council was not impressed by Kim's actions, and unanimously agreed on a law that prevented him from deporting citizens again. Not even Lee and Flaherty thought highly of Kim's actions, with them publicly stating:

"MILTON!! YOU IDIOT!!!" - Aidan Lee

"Milton. No." - Christian Flaherty


When the nation of Trumpland rose to power, Kim, alongside his allies, launched an attack against Trumpland, effectively waging war against them.

Current Situation

Kim lives in Lexington MA, but returns to MDK frequently during his days off from his home life. He remains the Emperor of MDK to this day.


Kim is a Centrist with no opinions.


Kim is a reclusive and rude individual. He tends to lack basic politeness towards others, which leads him to be widely disliked among people outside the IU and especially on KMDK. He does, however, care about the citizens and allies of the IU, making MDK's role amongst the Union proding food to allies and swaying to the need of the many more often than not.

Despite the trust he puts in Flaherty and Lee, he butts heads with them quite often. Usually, Flaherty's love of dabbing and Kim's love of ChibiStop results in Kim hitting Flaherty.

Kim also is infamous for his lack of forethought when speaking. Because of this, he has been jokingly labeled as a racist, sexist nazi who murders ants (that part about ants is true, however) and writes yuri genre manga.

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