Mills-62 Army


The Mills-62 Army was designed by acclaimed Trumpland gunsmith Jospeh Mills near the beginning of the 3rd TMIU War. The design was loosely based off the Remington New Model Army revolver. The gun was designed with a unique easily removable chamber, allowing the user to exchange an empty chamber for a loaded one. Jospeh began selling the weapon commercially after finalizing the design. The Trumpland Government (which learned of the weapon through unknown means) soon ordered 3 million be produced for the Trumpland Military.


TM Resistance

The Resistance uses captured Trumpland models.


The Noitlian Military acquired 10,000 models from an intercepted Trumpland shipment during the 3rd TMIU War.

Gezan Models

During the 3rd TMIU War captured Mills-62 Army models were brought to the attention of the Dictator with reports of their efficiency on the battlefield. The Dictator ordered the development of experimental Gezan copies. Only 38 Gezan Models of the weapon were produced before the project was discontinued. These models were fitted to fire Gezan rounds, they were known to be more powerful than the original Trumpland models but also less powerful at longer ranges. 30 of the Gezan models were fielded, the rest being put into storage.

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