MDK Island
The Imperial Republic of the Mikoto's Dragon Kingdom
Motto: “Honor Family!”
Anthem: You Must Play Sega Saturn
Capital: Hagakure City
Languages: English, Japanese
Ethnic Groups: 55% Japanese, 20% Korean, 15% Chinese, 4% Indonesian, 6% Other
Religions: 30% Christian, 30% Non-Religious, 20% Bhuddist, 10% Saturnist, 10% Other
Demonym: MDK
Emperor: Dong-Ju Milton Kim
Currency: Yen


MDK is one of the 3 island nations in the IU. It is an Imperial Republic led by Emperor Kim. The nation is well known for its traditional Japanese values and stable social structure. Because of this crime on MDK is effectively nonexistent, with an average of 0.32 crimes committed each month. MDK is the second largest island in the IU, its entire land area totalling 530 square miles.

Role in the IU

MDK, having the largest farming industry in the IU, often provides foodstuffs to the other nations in the IU. MDK is also known to produce high quality textiles, but these are not often recognized as a major MDK export.


MDK is an Imperial Republic run by Emperor Kim, however the nation's primary governmental body is the Senate. The Senate consists of 9 delegates (each representing 1 of MDK's 9 districts (called Bubun on MDK)) and meets on the 9th of each month. During these meetings domestic and international affairs are discussed as well as proposed laws and state plans. Any major decision must have the support of the entire Senate (excluding the Emperor) before it may pass on to the Emperor. The document is then either accepted or vetoed by the Emperor. In the event of a veto the document is sent back to the Senate for a vote. If 8/9 or more Senators vote to pass the decision it is passed, ignoring the veto. The MDK market is considered free, with citizens permitted to sell and buy as they please. However a limit is set by the MDK Government on how much land a single citizen may own. Impoverished citizens may receive food, clothes and housing from the government as well as assistance acquiring a job. Military service is not mandatory on MDK.



The MDK Army is the second largest in the IU and consists mostly of infantry (swordsmen, samurai and shinobi) and experimental mechs. As of October 2018 the MDK Army is made up of 560,000 troops. MDK troops are trained extensively in the art of sword and bow combat, however the Army is infamously bad at infantry-armor combat.

Air Force

The MDK Air Force is the 2nd largest of the 3 nations in the IU and the largest branch of the MDK Military. The MDK Air Force consists mostly of Suzaku Fighters, tamed dragons as well as a small number of Gezan bomber planes donated by the Gezan Air Force.


The MDK Navy is the smallest of the 3 nations in the IU. The MDK Navy consists mostly of corvettes, frigates and turtle ships.


MDK culture is a Japanese centric culture with influence from Chinese and Korean customs.


MDKers are known to wear Chinese-style button up coats as well as Kimonos. There are often combined with more modern clothing for comfort. Woven conical hats are also popular on MDK, especially with farm workers. Gis are commonly worn during ceremonies and martial arts tournaments.


MDKers are known for placing value in family, tradition and honoring oneself, one's country and ones heritage. Fortitude and faithfulness, especially in difficult situations, is also honored among MDKers. Most MDKers maintain a Middle Way doctrine, the belief that a compromise between 2 parties will always be the optimal solution (even in situations where this may not be the case.) Most MDKers abide by a centrist doctrine, although this set of beliefs in not enforced by the government.

Music and Dance

MDK music is heavily inspired by traditional Japanese music. Many Japanese instruments are present in traditional MDK music, the most popular being the Koto, Shamisen, Taiko, Hocchiku and Kokyū. The themes of MDK music are often in line with their values, being honor and respect. MDK music often plays to calmness and mellow emotions, with the most popular song (Lone MDKer) delving into depressing yet hopeful themes.

Food and Drink

"This is the greatest thing I have ever put in my mouth! It feels like I'm drinking Jesus! Oh mein gott! Where do they make this!?" - Gezan Commander Ivan shortly after having his first taste of MDK miso soup

The most popular dish on MDK is Miso Soup, which is made in large quantities and is often exported. White rice and Sushi are also very popular dishes on MDK. The most potent alcohol available on MDK is Saké. The most alcohol a drink is allowed to contain on MDK is only 18%.


The Flag of MDK is officially named the Flag of Honor. The meanings of its symbols are as follows.
Blue: Honesty/Ocean
Red: Fortitude/Fire
Yin-Yang: Coexistence/Centrism
Gold Fire: Honor


The MDK mainland is mostly made up of flat grasslands with occasional hills and swamps near the shores. Most of MDK is rural and suburban with a small number of urban areas (mostly near the capital and MDK Central.) The highest temperatures on MDK occur during the summer months, averaging out at 81 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest temperatures on MDK are recorded in mid winter, averaging out at 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest point on MDK is the summit of Mount Korichi (one of the 3 mountains on MDK,) being only 563 feet above sea level.

International Relations


Snowstar, being a member of the IU, is a close ally and trading partner of MDK. Exports from MDK to Snowstar mainly consist of food and textiles.


GII is a close ally and trading partner of MDK. As a member of the IU MDK revives military support from GII. Exports from MDK to GII mostly consist of food and occasionally textiles in exchange for weapons, raw materials and industrial parts.


MDK and Trumpland have been long time enemies due to a drastic difference in ideals as well as military conflict. As of November 2018 Trumpland has occupied MDK land on 3 separate occasions, MDK has occupied Trumpland land on 4 separate occasions.

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