Martez SPRG


The Martez SPRG was designed by Atello Martez in 2018. It was designed in response to the Trumpland government’s request for a new, easily portable light machine gun design. The first model was built by Atello in a shack behind his house. It fired 10mm rounds from a 30 round box magazine loaded from the top and lacked a foregrip. The initial design was dubbed the Martez Portable but was rejected by the government due to its low caliber and large magazine. Atello redesigned the weapon, adding a foregrip, upping the bullet caliber to 11mm and replacing the box magazine with a short, top loading snail mag that hung off to the side and held 35 rounds. The improved model was named the Martez Special Portable Raid Gun (Martez SPRG for short) and was accepted and adopted by the Trumpland military.


TM Resistance

Fighters in the TM Resistance capture Martez SPRGs when possible. A shipment of 1300 Martez SPRGs was also intercepted by the TM Resistance during the 2nd TMIU War.


A shipment of 2000 of the gun was intercepted during the 2nd TMIU War. GII has produced its own models.

New Chinese Militia

The Milita captures models when possible.


The Martez SPRG was first used by Trumpland Armored Units against the TM Resistance. The weapon was reported to overheat occasionally. Soldiers also complained that the magazine hanging off the side made the weapon slightly side heavy, but these complains were largely ignored. Some troops would nick name it “Tilted Tom” while others would simply call it the “Martez” or the “SPRG.”

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