Maquoisse A9


The Maquoisse A9 was designed and produced by the Lonne Military. The weapon was originally designed to test the Muse Gas Recoil System. The gun originally held only 5 rounds internally. However, the weapon performed well enough in tests that a detachable, 12 round banana magazine was added and the weapon was adopted.



The Lonne Military tried to sell 10,000 models to the Gezan Government, however they were initially rejected due to the gun’s classification as an assault rifle. Only when the designation was changed to “Rifle Caliber SMG” did the Gezan Government purchase the models.

TM Resistance

The Resistance acquired 8,300 models by unknown means.

New Chinese Militia

The New Chinese Militia revived 410 models from Lonne troops during the 2nd TMIU War.

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