The Republic of Lo
Motto: “La liberté, la vie et la France!”
Anthem: La Chanson des Partisans
Capital: Allimie
Languages: French, English
Ethnic Groups: 75% French, 15% Swiss, 8% Senegalese, 2% Other
Religions: 70% Christian, 20% Non-Religious, 7% Jewish, 3% Other
Demonym: Lonne
Prime Minister: Francis DeMons
Currency: Lonne Franc


Lo is a predominantly French nation allied (though not part of) the IU. It is a Republic lead by Prime Minister Francis DeMons. The nation is know for its architecture, literature and dedication to French culture and values. The island is mostly urbanized and is 470 square miles in total.


The Lonne Government is run primarily by the Prime Minister the Official Board and the Citizens Board. The Official Board is comprised of 5 members, the Head of Economic Affairs, the Head of International Affairs, the Head of Military Affairs, the Head of Cultural Affairs and the Head of Health Affairs. The Citizens Board is made up of 50 representatives of the citizens of Lo. The Prime Minister, Official Board and Citizens Board all meet together once every 2 months in the National Assembly to discuss laws, issues and major decisions. During each National Assembly any member of the Official Board, Citizens Board or the Prime Minister can bring a decision up for discussion. The decision is the discussed and voted on by the entire Assembly with a total of 100 votes. In the National Assembly each member of the Citizens Board is given 1 vote (the Citizens Board is required to cast these votes as an accurate representation of the public's voting on the decision,) each member of the Official Board is given 5 votes (25 for the entire Official Board) and the Prime Minister is given 24 votes. The final vote (in accordance with the Madame Alice's Vote Law) is decided based on the color of flag hoisted on the Lonne Tower in Allimie Square (A green flag meaning yes, red meaning no and yellow meaning undecided.) Any citizen is allowed to raise one of the 3 flags, though if the flag changes during voting or a flag cannot be decided on due to apposing views of citizens the vote is considered as undecided. The decision is passed if 75% or more of the Assembly votes yes. The citizens of Lo live under a controlled Capitalist system, with the only major limitation being to the size and power of induvidal companies. The Lonne Government also provides healthcare, transportation and education for free as well as housing, clothing, work and food to impoverished citizens.


Lonne Army unit division

Army (L'Infanterie)

The Lonne Army, called the L'Infanterie, is comprised of 769,000 soldiers. The Army consists mainly of infantry, artillery, armored vehicles and tanks. The Lonne Army uses a unit division system similar to GII, using Assault, Support, Medic, Scout and Sentry units. The Lonne Army is known for their heavy use of bayonets in infantry combat.

Air Force (L'Aviation)

The Lonne Air Force, called the L'Aviation, is the third smallest branch of the Lonne Military. It consists mainly of sheet metal monoplanes in the forms of fighters, attack planes and bombers.

Navy (La Marine)

The Lonne Navy, called La Marine, is the second smallest branch of the Lonne Military. The Lonne Navy consists mainly of patrol boats, frigates, corvettes and some battleships.

The Kularde

The Kularde is the smallest branch of the Lonne Military and acts as a special operations unit. The Kularde is primarily employed to aid resistance groups in other nations by delivering equipment, information and assisting in combat. The Kularde is made up of 92,000 soldiers and consists of mostly infantry, patrol boats, armored vehicles and light tanks. The Kularde is well known for efficiently delivering large inventories of equipment to resistance groups.


Lonne culture is heavily inspired by French culture.


Lonne clothing is typically more "dressy" than the clothing of other nations. Collared shirts are common on Lo along with dress pants and long skirts on women. The beret hat is very popular among Lonne citizens, especially men and the flat cap is often worn by working class citizens.


The citizens of Lo tend to value formality and nobility highly. It is typical to bow or remove one's hat in the presence of a figure of authority or very wealthy citizen and disputes (especially between those of high class) are sometimes settled with duels using blunt swords. Government officials are often dressed in uniforms similar to those French generals in 1900 and are highly respected. Lonne citizens are also known for valuing equality between men and women, however women are still often seen in traditionally feminine roles and occupations in Lo (though a number do also break this trend.)

Food and Drink

Wine and bread are especially popular on Lo, with boulangeries (bread shops) and liquor stores being some of the most common food shops in Lo. Many wines and breads are also made locally on Lo.


Lo, like France, is considered a very romantic nation as a whole (especially by foreigners.) Many cafes, restaurants and other establishments exist with particular appeal to couples or singles trying to find a partner, the most prominent being a park in north east Allimie called Lover's Park. The Lone Government was also very quick to legalize gay marriage, making it legal as early as 1948 (the Lonne Government and Lonne churches even being known to honor marriage between citizens and objects at times.) Despite romanticization being very common in Lo sexualization is fairly uncommon.


The Lonne flag is officially called the Flag of the Fleur. It is normally flown with its blue and gold bands on its fly, however on ships it is flown with the Fleur-de-Lis on its fly. Its symbols are as follows.
Blue: Chivalry
Gold: Wealth
White: Peace
Fleur-de-Lis: The French spirit


Most of Lo consists of temperate plains with some grasslands and few hills. Most of Lo is urbanized with the most urban areas in central Lo around the capital which lies near the center of Lo. Areas become more rural further from the capital, though these areas are still populated by sparsely placed towns and large estates belonging to wealthy Lonne citizens. The largest forest in Lo, the Agilliese Forest, is found in north east Lo with the Lissaleau Plains in north west Lo. The highest point in Lo is the top of St. Lorraine Hill, being 330 feet above sea level. The lowest point in Lo is in a cave system the small Vin Valley in south Lo, being 400 feet below sea level. Lo experiences its highest temperatures in late summer, averaging out at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest temperatures occur in mid winter, averaging out at 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

International Relations


Lo is a major ally and trade partner of the IU and assists the IU in military conflicts.

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