List of Quotes

Notable quotes said on record by notable people


Dictator Lee

“The IU is like a family, we’re close, we respect each other and most importantly we protect each other. That’s… that’s how it goes.”

"When you work for GII you're also working for everyone who lives here. Imagine supporting the well being of your friends and neighbors just by doing honest work. That's what we do here and it's pretty special."

“Under Capitalism a life-saving medicine can and will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. On GII you get it if you need it, no questions asked.”

“You’re gonna wake up dead!”

Engal Dragomir

“With MDK food in our packs and Snowstarian bandages on our wounds we march into battle with our Gezan guns.”




Francis DeMons

"We have grown strong, we have grown proud. To lose any of that would be a tragedy. Whether you are a rich man living in on a hill in the countryside or a worker living in the city, every citizen must remember they are just as important as the man or woman next to them."

"I do not guide this country like a captain of a ship. I guide it more like soccer coach and I intend to keep it that way."


Fida Garvel

“Some people we are forced to play nice with. Similarly, some nations we are forced to be friends with. In times like these it is imperative that we keep our judgment for those who deserve it.”

“A man can accomplish some, a nation can accomplish infinitely more.”

“To die rich is to die twice.”


Durra Akelsh

"Our Mother relies on us as a crocodile relies upon a plover bird. The Crocodile does not need the bird to survive, as a matter of fact the crocodile could just as easily eat the bird. The reason the crocodile does not eat the bird is because they help each other. The plover bird eats the food between the crocodile's teeth, cleaning the teeth at the same time. Similarly, as we take from Mother we must also give back. We can not fell a tree without planting another. We can not kill an animal without also nursing its children. We absolutely can not destroy entire forests and expect life to continue as it was. Mother loves us, we must protect and respect her. There is no other way."

New China

Nai Rongheo

"Mockery of the government is mockery of the entire nation. Mockery of the nation is mockery of Communism. Mockery of Communism is mockery of Mao and mockery of our past leaders is unacceptable."


Lorenzo Trista

"Of course the mafia is a concern, but we have many other concerns too."


Makrin of Scotland III

"If you really wanted to you could look at the person on your left and think 'he's Scottish' or 'she's English' or 'that man there is Welsh' or 'that's an Irishman.' You could think that and I'm sure plenty of you do. But instead, try looking at the person on your left and thinking 'he's Cavrish' or 'she's a Cavron' or 'that's a Cavrishman right there.' It feels nicer, doesn't it?"


Vallitraf the Bold

“The soul is strong, the weapon serves to defend that strength.”

“The Trumpland invaders come not just for our oil, but for our blood. We will give them neither.”


Traphalger McDonald

"I have the best ideas to make Trumpland even greater, trust me."


TM Resistance

Ectis Amera

“Sometimes unreasonable actions must be taken against unreasonable opponents.”

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