List of Demonyms
Nation Adjective Noun (Official) Noun (Unofficial or Casual)
GII Gezan Gezans Gezites, Commies (derogatory)
Snowstar Snowstarian Snowstarians Snowstars, Snowflakes
MDK MDK MDKers Kers (Trumpland slang)
Lo Lonne Lonnes Lotes, Lonners
Noritly Noritlian Noritlians
Cronas Cronan Cronans Crones
New China New Chinese New Chinese Chinamen/Chinawomen, New Chinans, New Chinians
Amdia Amdian Amdians
Caverland Cavrish Cavrishmen/Cavrishwomen Cavrish, Cavers, Cavrons
Saia Saian Saians Sais
Trumpland Trumpland Trumpanders Trumpians, Trumpies, Dixies (Gezan slang, derogatory)
KMDK KMDK KMDKers Kawaiian
Yamiiki Yamiikin Yamiikins Yamiis, Yamiikians
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