LB-Notera Type 8


The LB-Notera Type 8 was developed by Labistan gunsmith Lorenza Bastillo in the city of San Labist between the 2nd TMIU War and 3rd TMIU War. The weapon was originally designed for use by the Labistas and a small number of models were produced personally by Lorenza and distributed to Labistan fighters shortly before the Battle of San Labist (these models were later dubbed LB Type 7, the 7th design of the weapon being the design finalized by Lorenza.) Production of the weapon was later handed over to Notera Arms, a small arms development company in San Kalina. The weapon was officially adopted by the Labistas shortly after and Notera Arms began developing the weapon for use by the Labistas with the designation of Lorenza Bastillo-Notera Type 8.



The Trumpland Military uses captured models.

TM Resistance

The Resistance recieved 6,200 models from the Labistas in an arms trade made with the help of the Kularde.


The LB-Notera Type 8 first saw action with Labistan troops in the Battle of San Labist. The weapon was reported to be fairly effective, however it lacked the higher caliber and slightly higher accuracy of the Trumpland Whiskey Rifle. Despite this the weapon was still used extensively in later battles due to its availablity.

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