Sex: Male
Age: 27
Full Name: Reyson "Laprey" Smith
Nationality: American
Status: Unknown


Reyson Smith, known to many as Laprey or Loki, was the mastermind of the TM-IU War, and a Bypasser of the Zombonian Brain.

Early Life

Many details about his early life are unknown.

Current Situation

He dwells in, using the Brain to end all conflict by purging those who would spark it.


Reyson believes that political ideals result in endless bickering and strife, so he refuses to stand with any ideology.


Reyson's true personality is unknown.

As Laprey, the IU's spy and tactitian of the Merc Hunters, he doesn't talk very often. He is described as apathetic towards fighting and cluelessly naive.

As Loki, Tramphland's spy and magician, he by contrast talks very often. He snarks often at his cohorts, and acts with an air of superiority towards them.

Personal Items

Arcane Baton



Personal Quotes

"You are all fools. If you refuse to make peace, then I will deny you peace."

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