The Labistas are an active revolutionary group that started in Southern Trumpland, particularly in the town of San Labist, which is now their HQ. The group consists almost entirely of Mexican ex-employees. Their goal is to overthrow Trump McDonald by any means necessary and enstate a democratic socialist government. As of September 2018 their leader (Grand Chief to them) is Materra Ferrezzi and they control 4 square miles of Southmost Trumpland.


The Labistas use a wide variety of weapons. Trumpland firearms are often captured for use by The Labistas. Labistan expeditionary forces are sent to other nations to buy, smuggle or steal weapons for the Labistas to use. As a result the Labistas have an extremely vast arsenal. Labistan gun smiths have also developed fire arms (see The Labistas section here.)


The Labistas stem from the surrounding of San Labist by Trumpland forces to quell suspected revolutionary activity. During this time Materra Ferrezzi gave his “Common Hombre” speech, in which he called for an armed Mexican rebellion in Trumpland. Most of not all of the 700 townspeople were in support of this, which allowed him to form The Labistas. Their official flag was designed by Juan Quillez and the first flag was sown together by his wife, Alina Quillez. The Labistas saw their first battle soon after. In the Battle of San Labist, Labistan forces were successful in dispersing the Trumpland troops, killing 120 of the 250 troops and capturing another 25. They soon took control of the neighboring towns of San Kalina and Desporavey, both of which supported The Labistas. This swelled their numbers to 1650.

The Flag

The flag of The Labistas is a vertical tricolor of green, gold and red with a black snake in the middle. The meanings are below.
Green: Growth, Prosperity
Gold: The grain that keeps The Labistas alive
Red: The blood if those who died fighting for freedom
Snake: Resilience, fighting back, being fast and vicious

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