The Kobain-Ludier was designed by long time arms developer Dunard Ludier in collaboration with Pierre Kobain. The weapon was developed in 2018 as a personal firearm based heavily off the Martini-Henry. The first version of the Kobain-Ludier had a longer barrel, fired 12mm rounds and used the same dropping block loading system as the Martini-Henry. In June 2018 Dunard and Pierre were approached by the Lonne Military. The final version of the Kobain-Ludier was produced, now fitting a 13mm cartridge. The design was bought by the Lonne Military for $37,000.



A shorter barrel decreases accuracy but allows for better maneuverability.


This variant takes 13mm K-Bullets, Flat-Head Bullets or Inverted Bullets. This variant was known to occasionally malfunction.



The Gezan government ordered 610,000 models in July 2018.


The Noritlian Military has 130 purchased models and has created 2700 of their own models.


The Lonne Government donated 1000 models to Cronas after their adoption.

TM Resistance

23 models were stolen from a Black Market ship in July 2018. The Resistance secretly purchased 50 more from Lo.


The Kobain-Ludier proved to be especially effective against body armor in the first days of the 3rd TMIU War. This ability earned it the “Stopper” nickname among Lonne and Gezan troops. This also made it a useful tool on the field and it became increasingly popular as the 3rd TMIU War continued. However, it’s single shot action made it hard to use against multiple foes. Never the less a Lonne soldier in the 3rd TMIU War, Louis De Remaille, reportedly tallied his kills on the stock of his Kobain-Ludier and amassed so many tally marks that they entirely covered the stock of his rifle. He was killed in action and his rifle captured by TM troops. As of September 2018 Lonne soldiers have been working to retrieve Louis’s rifle.

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