Know Your Enemy
Style: Informational
Live Audience: No
Host: Various


Know Your Enemy is a show commissioned by the Gezan Dictator to teach the Gezan people and Gezan soldiers about their Trumpland enemy. Each episode covers a different aspect of Tumpland and its military. Episodes range in length from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. It is given in a presentational style with demonstration footage.

Channel Guide

GII: Channel 4
MDK: Channel 38
Snowstar: Channel 41 (GezTV)
Trumpland: Unavailable


Ep 1: Who's That Man?

Episode 1 gives a general overview of Trumpland's realtion with the IU as well as an overview of Trumpland soldiers.

Ep 2: Firearms of Trumpland

This episode covers weapons commonly used by Trumpland forces and how to combat soldiers using them.

Ep 3: Inside His Head

This episode attempts to explain how a Trumplander thinks. This episode is notable for its heavy bias against Trumpland.

"To many it is a mystery how a Trumplander gets the way he is. How his mind is twisted to believe all the lies he is taught." -Opening line of Episode 3

Ep 4: Armor

Episode 4 covers vehicles used by the Trumpland military and their weaknesses.

Ep 5: Tactics

Episode 5 deals with general Trumpland military tactics and what actions Gezan soldiers can expect from Trumpland troops during combat.

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