Karina Rifle


The Karina Rifle was developed by Labistan gunsmith Karina Lopez shortly before the start of the 3rd TMIU War. The weapon was designed for use in tight areas such as trenches, its shorter barrel allowing for easy mobility while also retaining the power of a rifle. The first models were produced by Karina and a small group of assistants in a weapons factory near San Labist and distributed to Labistan troops. Karina continued to produce models at the same factory, finally handing production over to an assistant after 7,200 models were produced.



This variant holds ammunition internally and only carries 2 round, increasing portability at the cost of ammo capacity.


It is unknown where the Karina Rifle first saw action. Labistan troops reported the weapon’s effectiveness in trench and house combat but complained about the weapon’s poorer accuracy compared to other rifles as well as its awkwardness to handle. To remedy this some Labistan soldiers attached improvised foregrips to the front of the weapon, others also modified their weapons to Compact variants to allow the bottom of the reciever to be gripped.

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