The Kadi-VKS was developed during the 2nd TMIU War by Amdian gunsmith Aletti Kadi. The weapon was originally planned to have 2 barrels and fire from 2 magazines, however this idea was scrapped in its initial design period. The first model of the weapon was developed by Aletti shortly after its design was finalized, however the weapon was rejected by the Amdian Military. The weapon entered unofficial military service when Aletti began selling the weapon to Amdian troops near the end of the 2nd TMIU War.



The Gezan Military purchased 3100 models from Aletti near the beginning of the 3rd TMIU War.

New Chinese Militia

The Militia purchased 1500 models from Aletti between the 2nd and 3rd TMIU Wars.


The Snowstarian Military received 85 models from GII, all of which were fielded during the 3rd TMIU War.


The Kadi-VKS first saw action during the 3rd TMIU War in the hands of Snowstarian troops during the Defense of Stargazer. The weapon became one of the most favored foreign firearms in the Snowstarian Military (though it was used mostly by the Amdian Military.) The weapon’s 8mm cartridge size was uncommon, which meant ammo was not easily replaced. However, the weapon was still well liked by Amdian troops for its high fire rate and easy grip.

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