Sex: Male
Age: 36 (c. Feb, 2019)
Full Name: Ivan Trovage Gopnik
Nationality: German, Russian
Status: Alive


Ivan is a German/Russian commander in the Gezan Military. He is good friends with Kenji and Chleio of MDK and Snowstar respectively and holds more sway than most in the Gezan Government.

Early Life

Ivan was born on May 5th, 1982 in Brandenburg, Germany (then East Germany) to a middle class family who had recently moved there from Moscow. Ivan grew up with 2 older brothers (Nickolas Gopnik and Ergwell Gopnik.) Ivan's father (Drovitch Goptynag) worked as a border guard at the Berlin Wall while his mother (Lucie Olnik) care for Ivan and his brothers at home. Ivan attended a local school in Brandenburg, being taught Soviet doctrine from a very young age. On June 11th, 1988, Ivan's oldest brother (Ergwell Gopnik, being 19 at the time) ran away from home and fled to West Berlin by crossing the border with a fake ID. In 1991, when Ivan was 9, the Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall was destroyed, leaving Ivan's father without a job. By the time Ivan was 16 (in 1998) his family was impoverished, prompting his other brother (Nickolas Gopnik, who was 20 at the time) to leave home in search of a job. His family's failing financial situation in the face of the collapse of the USSR further strengthened Ivan's Communist ideals. On August 20th, 2000, when Ivan was 18, he took a job at a small military academy in Potsdam as an assistant editor for the school's textbooks. During this time Ivan studied the textbooks and taught himself military maneuvers, eventually moving permanently to Potsdam in 2002.

Move to GII

On March 2nd, 2015, Ivan moved to GII from Potsdam, attracted to the nation by its Communist government and need for extra military expertise. Ivan was given citizenship and joined the Gezan Army shortly after. By early 2016 Ivan had achieved the rank of Commander in the Gezan Army.

Current Situation

Ivan lives on GII and continues his role as a Commander in the Gezan Military. He also has considerably more sway in the government than other Commanders and even has certain privileges usually reserved for Generals.


Ivan believes firmly in the Gezan model of Communism and the strength of GII as well as the IU as a whole. Ivan is fairly observant but prefers to solve problems through force and has trouble believing in less efficient methods of solving problems.


Ivan is fairly bold, usually serious but still social when possible. He finds combat envigorating but more often then not finds himself questioning his own enthusiasm for fighting and whether it is healthy or if it makes him an inconsiderate person. Ivan is very much still trying to find where he fits in the world.


Ivan is known to drink alcohol, although he tries to limit himself he is still occasionally seen drunk. He also smokes occasionally but officially quit on January 1st, 2019 as a New Year's resolution which he took on after his friends advised him to do so.

Personal Items

The Reaper

The Reaper is an aestheticized True Scotsmans Gun painted black with white skull designs and scroll work across it as well as a white grip. Ivan carries it with him almost everywhere he goes as well as extra ammunition for it.


Kenji and Chleio

Ivan is very close friends with both Kenji and Chleio and often meets with them at convenient bars to socialize and discuss political and military matters. Ivan often takes on military operations alongside Kenji and Chleio and cares especially for their wellbeing.

Personal Quotes

“Being able to strip yourself of your humanity is important if you’re going to survive a war.”

“What kind of weapon is that?”

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