Half Moon SMG


The Half Moon SMG was designed by the New Chinese Militia for use by the IU after the 1st TMIU War as thanks for the IU’s support. The design was sent to GII for production, transfering ownership to GII in the process. The first model of the Half Moon SMG was developed by Dimitri Rakneov. The weapon was adopted by the Gezan Military shortly after the final model was completed.



GII took ownership of the weapon when the design was given to them by the New Chinese Militia.


100 Half Moon SMGs were given to Snowstar by the Gezan Military. It is unknown how many were fielded.


The Noritlian Military acquired the design from GII and produced their own models.

TM Resistance

The Resistance captured 9,800 Half Moon SMGs from a Black Market ship.


The Cronan Military retrieved 4,000 models from a Gezan cargo ship which was sunk by a Trumpland destroyer off the coast of Cronas.


The Half Moon SMG was reported to be decently effective in the hands of assault and sometimes medic units. Since the gun lacked any kind of fore grip many soldiers gripped the weapon’s body with their hand in the opening between the interior of the magazine and the body of the gun. This allowed the magazine to be quickly yanked out with a simple hand motion. Other soldiers held the frontal exterior of the closed end of the magazine. Snowstarian troops, especially those inexperienced with traditional firearms, were known to grip the barrel, unaware of the heat in generated during firing.

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