Haldever Model 100


The Haldever Model 100 was developed by Trumpland gunsmith Cody Haldever shortly after the start of the 3rd TMIU War. The weapon was designed to be used by the Trumpland Military and Trumpland farmers and was intended to replace the Trump 06/09 in Military and Civilian use. Cody developed and tested 3 models personally before submitting the design to the Trumpland Military. The weapon’s longer range, larger shell size and the fact that it was Trumpland made lead the weapon to be adopted by the Trumpland Military and replaced the Trump 06/09 as Trumpland’s standard issue double barrel shotgun.



This variant features slightly longer barrels, increasing accuracy at the cost of mobility.


The Sawed-Off variant features cut down barrels, allowing for greater mobility at the cost of accuracy.


TM Resistance

The Resistance uses captured models and acquired 64,000 models from a captured Trumpland train.


The Labistas use captured models.


The Gezan Military captured 56,000 models from a Trumpland factory and began producing copies.


The CRF uses captured models.


The Amdian Military acquired 11,000 models through a deal with the Amdian Mafia.


The Confederados use personal models.

Gezan Models

“A smart man copies a good weapon when he needs to. You’re only a real plagiarist when you copy a weapon and change its name to suit you.” - Dictator Lee, during an address about Gezan copies of Trumpland weapons

After its effectiveness in the field was observed by Gezan troops, captured models of the Haldever Model 100 were sent to GII. After some tests were conducted the Gezan Military appealed to the Dictator to authorize copies of the weapon for use by Gezan troops. The Dictator approved this and ordered 65,000 copies be produced. However, per the order of the Dictator, the Gezan copies dod not receive a unique designation and were still referred to as Haldever Model 100s.


The Haldever Model 100 first saw action in the hands of Trumpland troops in the Battle of West Balitab during the 3rd TMIU War. The weapon was reported to be extraordinary effective (especially for Trumpland standards,) so much so that Gezan troops began targeting Trumpland Assault troops using the weapon in order to take their target’s model and use it for themselves. The weapon’s effectiveness in close range earned it the nick name “The Boomstick” by some Trumpland troops and “The Sweeper” by some others. The weapon also became popular with Trumpland citizens shortly after its adoption, with most citizens (especially farmers) preferring the Hunter variant.

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