Gorovnyy 39


The Gorovnyy 39 was originally designed by Gezan gunsmith Pankrati Gorovnyy shortly after the 2nd TMIU War. The gun was designed as a cheap, easy to produce rifle to out match the Trumpland Whiskey Rifle. The first version of the Gorovnyy 39 was developed personally by Pankrati and was submitted to the Gezan Government. The Government requested that the barrel of the weapon be shortened slightly for mobility. This lead to the development of the final design which was subsequently adopted by the Gezan Government and soon became standard issue as well as the most common rifle produced in GII. Pankrati was awarded the Order of Lee for his contribution to the Gezan Military.



A month after it’s adoption the Noritlian Government ordered 410,000 models.


The Gezan Government donated 200,000 models to Cronas as thanks for their assistance in the 2nd TMIU War.


Shortly after its adoption the Lonne Government purchased 90,000 models and produced 12,000 of their own.

TM Resistance

The Gezan Government donated 87,000 models to the Resistance shortly before the start of the 3rd TMIU War.


Much like the Whiskey Rifle, the Gorovnyy 39 was simple and easy to modify. This lead to many Gezan soldiers creating modified variants of the weapon.


The Marksman variant features a modified iron sight as well as a slightly longer barrel for increased accuracy. However, a longer barrel decreases the gun’s mobility.


This variant features a cut down barrel for ease of use in tight spaces at the cost of accuracy.


An Obrez variant Gorovnyy features a severely cut down or even completely removed barrel as well as a removal of the thick portion of the stock. This variant can be fired with one hand.

Auto Loading

This variant features a complex gas piston on the side of the weapon to manually cycle the weapon’s bolt each time it is fired, allowing for semi-automatic fire. This variant is harder to reload as well as having the possibility for the piston to break.


The Anti-Tank variant features a welded or bolted on bipod and fires K-Bullets or Inverted Bullets to pierce tank armor. This variant is known to occasionally malfunction or even blow out the gun’s action.


This variant features a cut down barrel as well as a gas piston similar to the Auto Loading variant. This allows the weapon to be used efficiently in tight areas at the cost of accuracy and ease of reloading.

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