The Gorba-Raffina was designed in Amdia by gunsmiths Arrevo Gorba and Mittella Raffina. Arrevo (a gunsmith for 14 years) was reportedly so impressed by the work displayed in Mittella’s shop (who was a new gunsmith at the time) that he asked Mittella to collaborate with him on a gun design. The Gorba-Raffina was designed to be as portable as a pistol while being as powerful as a rifle. During development Arrevo described the weapon as “a refined Obrez.” The first model of the weapon, named the Gorbaffina Mark 1, was a cut down 45 Gerrichi Auto without a magazine loaded. This design laid the framework for the final design which was created a month later. The Amdian Government contracted Arrevo and Mittella to produce models for the Amdian Military.



The Lonne Government purchased 350,000 models even before Arrevo and Mittella were given their contract.


As of October 2018 Trumpland has a acquired 200,000 models through the IU Black Market.


Shortly after their adoption by the Amdian Military the Gezan Government ordered 200,000 models for their own forces.


The Gorba-Raffina first saw combat in the 2nd TMIU War during the Battle of MDK Central in the hands of Lonne troops. The gun was reported to be portable enough to be carried in a holster but also powerful enough to stop a foe in 1 or 2 shots. However, the weapon’s rifle caliber ammunition and relatively short blow back in comparison meant the Gorba-Raffina produced excessive amounts of recoil. Lonne troops reported aches in their arm after firing through a number of clips and the weapon was known to cause wrist injuries if the recoil was absorbed incorrectly.

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