The Communist Dictatorship of G Island Island
Motto: “Might in Labor and Camaraderie!”
Anthem: The Russian Revolution
Capital: Hazhgots
Languages: English, Gezan
Ethnic Groups: 74% Russian, 20% German, 3% Other
Religions: 72% Non-Religious, 21% Christian, 5% Jewish, 2% Other
Demonym: Gezan
Dictator: Aidan R Lee
Currency: Gezan Dollar


GII is one of the 3 island nations in the IU. It is a Communist Dictatorship lead by Dictator Lee. It is well known for being heavily industrialized and militaristic. Gezan citizens are known for being humorless, hard working and loyal to their nation, so much so that GII is reported to have the highest level of nationalism in the IU. GII is also the largest nation in the IU, the Gezan mainland being 910 square miles and the entire nation being 1070 square miles.

Role in the IU

“I see GII as the big, lovable oaf of the IU. He’s strong, loves his friends and hates his enemies.” - ‘Zazzy’, Snowstarian Cartoonist

GII, having the largest and most powerful military in the IU, plays a large part in all military conflicts the IU is involved in. GII also provides the rest of the IU with military support, weapons and raw metals when needed.


The Gezan government is run almost entirely by Dictator Lee. The Dictator has 3 advisors however these advisors may only suggest decisions to the Dictator and may not make any decisions themselves. At any point, for any reason, the Dictator may issue an Offical Order. Whatever it’s contents, the order must be obeyed by all parties mentioned in the Order. These Orders come in place of official laws (although Orders 14 - 49 are considered the base of Gezan law.) The Gezan government provides housing, food, clothes, healthcare, education, public transportation, places of worship and television (in specific public places) for free as well as a monthly allowance of 50,000 Gezan Dollars ($50) for each citizen (over the age of 18.) Gezan soldiers receive a slightly inflated allowance (usually 60,000 to 75,000 Gezan Dollars.) In addition every citizen (over 18) must work a job assigned to them by the government (although citizens can appeal to the Dictator for a change of occupation.) Failure to perform their duty without reason results in prison or even execution. Since private institutions are illegal on GII Government Distribution Centers (a citizen can revive a good for free but only once in a certain timeframe) and Government Shops (public shops where all proceeds go to the government) are set up around GII for citizens to use. A of May 2019 all working citizens are also given alarm clocks.


Army (Infantren)

The Gezan Army, called the Infantren, is the largest in the IU. It consists of infantry, tanks, armored vehicles and artillery. As of September 2018 the Gezan Army is made up of 5.2 million individual soldiers, 91% of which are male. The Gezan Army is divided into regiments, each made up of anywhere between 15 and 3500 soldiers. The Gezan Military regiments are also classified as Regiments and Battalions with Battalions being no different from Regiments.
Gezan Army Units
Gezan Medals
Gezan Army Other Details
Infantrat - Entry level
Engal - Commands regiment (1 per regiment)
Uber Engal - Honored Engal
Captain - Assists Commanders
Commander - Issues field orders to multiple regiments, allowed some autonomy
General - Plans and issues commands to Army
Dictator - The Dictator, plans with generals and decides on final plans

Air Force (Luffantrette)

The Gezan Air Force, named the Luffantrette, is the second largest branch of the Gezan Military. It mainly uses sheet metal biplanes in the forms of fighters, attack planes and various types of bombers. The 3 Gezan Airships (Castro, Lenin and Stalin) are also covered under the Gezan Air Force. Of the 3 nations in the IU GII has the largest Air Force.

Navy (Morantrette)

The Gezan Navy, named the Morantrette, is the smallest branch of the Gezan Military. The Gezan Navy consists mainly of destroyers, battleships, corvettes and gunboats with only 7 submarines. Of the 3 nations in the IU GII has the 2nd largest Navy.

The “Degeneralization”

“I despise assault rifles. They are the weapons of idiots. I have no idea how you all have managed to fight with such pitiful toys. The most powerful assault rifle bullet I have seen was only 8 millimeters. The idea of assault rifle doctrine makes me sick. From now on we will do away with quote-on-quote modern weapons. From now on you will receive arms tailored toward your strengths, not your weaknesses.” - Dictator Lee during a speech on The Degeneralization given to his troops

“Seriously, [EXPLETIVE] assault rifles. They’re gay.” - Dictator Lee to his assistant shortly after the speech

The Degeneralization of the Gezan Military occurred in June 2016. It was a change in the arms and structure of the Gezan Military designed to phase out Master-of-None weapons (a term coined by Dictator Lee.) The act placed heavy emphasis on phasing in more specialized weapons and phasing out generalized weapons, mainly the assault rifle. The newer weapons used higher caliber rounds and were issued in place of the until then standard GAR-15. The 4 main types of Gezan units were also introduced at this time. The famous Personalization Order (Official Order 955) was also put into place, allowing Gezan soldiers more agency in deciding what weapons they took into battle and allowing more personalization of soldiers’ weapons. The Dictator considered the act a success as the Gezan Military became a more effective fighting force after the change was made.


Gezan culture is a unique combination of German and Russian culture.


Russian Ushanka hats are popular on GII, especially during celebrations. A Government Ushanka Shop was opened in Hazhgots in January 2017 in response to their rising popularity. Cuban work caps are also popular on GII, especially among factory workers.


The Gezan people tend to place high value on work and loyalty. The job of every Gezan is seen as crucial to the survival of the country as a whole. Dedication to the country, one's friends and one's family is also considered to be an admirable trait. The majority of Gezans carry some kind of disdain for Capitalist ideas, although this bias is often put aside when discussing Snowstar (it being a close ally of GII.) It is considered rude or even taboo to mention the extremely Capitalist ideals of Snowstar in public. Tourists are often belittled for any misunderstanding of Gezan culture. Firearms are seen as a normal part of life on GII and carrying a loaded firearm with you is considered normal by most Gezans.

Music and Dance

Many popular songs from the USSR have been adopted into Gezan culture (the most popular being Polyushka Polye.) Traditional Russian dances are also commonly adopted by Gezans.

Food and Drink

Alcohol (especially Vodka) is a common part of the Gezan palette. A number of locally made alcohols are available in Government Shops around GII and no Gezan party is considered complete without alcohol. Despite this the official drinking age on GII is 20, although it is estimated that upwards of 70% of Gezan begin drinking before then. Gezan Vodka is a particularly popular brand, consisting of 90% alcohol. Traditional Gezan food is typically starchy and lacking in extravagant flavor.


The Gezan day of independence (Union Day) is celebrated on July 4th. Most Gezans are given an optional day off from work and a large party is typically held in the center of Hazhgots. At midnight on Union Day it is customary for Gezans to fire a blank round into the air from any gun they choose. This tradition makes it difficult for many Gezans to sleep during the night of Union Day, leading to mass sleep deprivation the next day.


Most Gezan citizens speak English mixed with some Gezan words or phrases (sometimes called Gezan Creole.) Only 22% of the population speaks fluent Gezan and none of the population speaks only Gezan.


The Gezan flag is officially named The Banner of Labor. The meaning of its symbols are as follows.
Green: Prosperity
White: Order
Black Circle: The Gezan Military defending Communism
Red Ring: The hard work and unity of the Gezan people
Hammer and Sickle: Communism


Most of GII consists of moderate, mostly grasslands, the majority of which has been urbanized, the most urban area being the North East and the least urbanized being the Central West (although this area still has towns and cities and is not considered rural by international standards.) The Kalitch Reserve in the far West of GII is the only nature reserve in the nation. It covers the Ovidoztok Forest and Kasklyn Mountains. The peak of Mount Letchaz (in the Kasklyn Mountains) is the highest point on GII, being 922 feet above sea level. The highest temperature on GII occurs in the summer months (usually late July or early August) and averages at 89 degrees F. Gezan winters typically see substantial snow fall and the lowest temperatures of a year, averaging at 6 degrees F.

International Relations


Snowstar, being another nation in the IU, is a major trade partner and ally of GII, usually reviving raw materials and weapons from GII, although these weapons are used inconsistently by the Snowstarian Military (see Snowstarian Use of Gezan Arms.) Snowstar also receives Gezan military protection as it is part of the IU. Despite the intensely capitalistic values of the nation, Snowstarian and Gezans tend to get along well, often relying on shared experiences of the IU as well as their common Trumpland enemy.


As a fellow IU nation MDK is also a large trade partner and a main ally of GII. GII trades raw materials and weapons to MDK, usually in exchange for food and occasionally textiles. MDK, like Snowstar, is also guaranteed military protection by GII. Gezans and MDKers tend to get along well and often rely on discussing common interests as opposed to national values.


Opposing ideals have maintained a hostile relationship between GII and Trumpland as well as war between the 2 nations. Trumpland routinely threatens GII and has invaded the Gezan Mainland 3 times as of October 2018.

Notable Locations


Hazhgots is the capital city of GII and contains a large number of residential areas, Government Shops, factories and government buildings. The city is also home to the Kremlin, the Dictator’s abode and the main government building.

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