Gezan War Crimes During the 3rd TMIU War

The Mallerville Incident


A yearly Snake Roundup was held in the Mallerville Sports Center on December 19th, 2018 while the town was in Gezan control. 1 hour into the event 4 Gezan scout troops, 3 Gezan assault troops and a Gezan flamethrower troop (all angered by the mass killing of snakes at the event) stormed the Sports Center and attacked those attending the event with firearms, melee weapons, grenades and a flamethrower.


Of the 3,400 attendees at the event 890 were killed and another 1,300 wounded. The Mallerville Sports Center was burned down due to the use of a flamethrower. All 8 Gezan soldiers involved were imprisoned on GII for their actions.

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