Gezan Creole


Gezan Creole is a version of English suing some Gezan words and phrases. It is spoken by most Gezans.

Gezan Words

Kratt (noun) /krat/ A cheap, bland, alcoholic drink.
Cyka (verb) /suk.uh/ A vulgar term for sex.
Pan-fal (noun) /pahn.fahl/ A very small, pin-fire gun, usually firing 3mm ammo or smaller.
Pan-faly (adj) / Having the characteristics of a Pan-fal.
Galorist (noun) /gal.lor.eest/ A very hard worker.
Soltavist (noun) /sul.tav.eest/ Someone who avoids work.
Krod (noun) /krod/ A vulgar term for an unpleasant or malicious person.

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