Gezan Army Units


Assault units are issued SMGs, Shotguns, Machine Rifles and Carbines. Assault units act as stormtroopers, usually heading infantry charges. They are expected to fight in frantic, tight conditions. Assault units comprise roughly 20% of the Gezan Infantry.


Support units are issued HMGs, LMGs and Machine Rifles. Support units provide defensive and suppressive fire but are usually mobile during charges. Support units comprise roughly 20% of the Gezan Infantry.


Medic units are issued Semi-Automatic Rifles, Carbines and Machine Rifles. Medic units retrieve injured soldiers from the field and treat more minor injuries in battle. They can also support charges when they are not needed. Medic units comprise roughly 10% of the Gezan Infantry.


Scout units are issued Rifles and Machine Rifles. Scout units act as both standard infantry, recon and occasionally snipers. They are mobile during charges and sometimes carry bayonets. Scouts comprise roughly 40% of the Gezan Infantry.


Sentry units (formerly the Panzer Soldats) are heavily armored infantry usually used in assaults. They wear heavy body armor and carry specialized weapons, usually HMGs, LMGs, SMGs or Machine Rifles. Sentry units comprise roughly 3% of the Gezan Infantry.


Raider units wear a metal face mask and are sometimes seen with bandanas over their mouths and noses. They carry specialized Raider Clubs for melee combat and are used for close quarters assaults. Raider units comprise roughly 4% of the Gezan Infantry.


Flametroops wear Gezan Smoke Hoods and fireproof clothing and gloves. They carry flamethrowers and are usually used in assaults. The Flametroops came about after the Disinfector Unit was dissolved. Flametroops comprise roughly 3% of the Gezan Infantry.

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